when it comes to real estate and WordPress, you've found the right place for the job

Real Estate Websites 100% Set With WordPress

  • Professional Design

    Get a high quality WordPress website design built for the desktop computer, smart phones, and tablets.

  • IDX Home Search integration

    Integrate any IDX you prefer or work with the one we recommend best fits your needs after we speak.

  • Search Engine Optimized

    Every aspect of your website's SEO is setup and configured to work for your target market.

  • Social Media Integration

    Social media connectivity that works for you in all ways to streamline your time sharing your content.

  • Wordpress Plugins Fully Setup

    The best tools and features that enhance your website's performance are installed and configured.

This isn’t your regular WordPress real estate website setup that anyone can plug and go with. After we are done with your WordPress website you won’t have to spend hours learning how to finish configuring your seo, plugins, tools, etc. Everything is all set so you can focus on your marketing.

Why You’ll Love Working With Tizish

Real Estate is our bread and butter. Our web development was born and bred in the real estate industry and is where our focus remains today. We’ve been working with WordPress since 2007 before it became the real estate standard.

Real Estate Websites With WordPress Are The Best Because…

The affordability

You want a 10K looking website design for a tiny fraction of the price that also has the same tools (and more) as your competitors.

The complete social connection

You want your social media accounts connected to your website so that what you do on your website is automatically shown across your social networks.

The safety and security

You want to own and control all aspects of your website and need it to be automatically backed up and secured from malware and hackers.

The ease of use

You want a simple to use admin panel that makes updating your website a breeze whether you’re updating content, images, videos, and more.

The effectiveness in search engines

You want your website to be found in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search without having to spend hours on end “optimizing” technical details.

The adaptability

You want a website that can adapt and evolve as the online landscape changes without requiring you to start over completely.

See What Makes Our WordPress Real Estate Websites So Great

WordPress Design Attractively Done

We have two options for you when it comes to building you a high quality website design. First you can have your WordPress real estate website designed with any WordPress theme that exists on the market. Second you can choose one of our pre-designed styles or we can custom design one for you. Most people prefer to use one of our designs but you have unlimited options with any WordPress theme on the market.

WordPress IDX
WordPress IDX

Complete IDX Integration

IDX connects your website with your MLS listings. Some IDX systems are better or worse than each other and it only has to do with your personal website goals and on how you plan on using it. We are experts at WordPress IDX integration so if you want our opinion on which one you should choose based on their features, pricing, ease of use, and effectiveness at lead capture, simply contact us to discuss. There is usually no one size fits all.

100% Search Engine Optimized

We build your WordPress real estate websites with the specific purpose of being found in the search engines. To not have a WordPress website optimized for search is like fishing without bait. We cover all aspects of SEO ranging from keyword integration, duplicate content prevention (this is the biggest killer of most real estate agent’s SEO), linking structure, site speed, and so much more.

WordPress SEO
WordPress SEO
Social WordPress
Social WordPress

Fully Interconnected Social Media

We completely integrate your WordPress real estate website with the most important social media accounts you need in today’s online landscape. The key purpose in connecting your WordPress website with your social media accounts is so that it’s convenient for you to automatically update all social areas of your brand in one fell swoop while also giving your visitors simple ways to find and share your content. This is done through a variety of ways.

All The Best WordPress Plugins Installed

There are literally thousands of free and premium (pay for) tools that enhance how your WordPress real estate website works. So having a modern website with all the right tools is a snap when using WordPress because there will be a plugin existing for whatever new feature someone creates as websites evolve. We have scoured through the thousands of available WordPress plugins on the market and found the best ones a real estate specific WordPress blog needs. Learn more about the specific plugins we use with your website build.

WordPress Plugins
WordPress Plugins

When our real estate websites are handed to you, there’s nothing else technical that you’ll need to do to get going. Just begin marketing.

Get the ball rolling at a price point that meets your goals

We have 3 pricing packages to best serve your needs. The package for you depends ultimately on the specific design you want and how much content you need setup. Don’t worry, if you neither know what kind of design you want or if you don’t even have content, we still have a package that will get you started with everything you need with a new WordPress real estate website.

Quick Starter - $1099

For the real estate agent that wants to save money and is willing to do some of the website setup themselves, after we handle the technical setup steps to get all pieces in place configured correctly for the SEO, social media, IDX, WordPress plugins, and design.

Limited Custom - $2000-$3,999

For the real estate agent not looking to do any of their website setup themselves and looking for a more unique design look with their WordPress theme. We handle all setup aspects from start to finish for you with this plan, you just let us know what you want.

Custom - $5,000+

For the real estate agent looking for a 100% fully custom designed site built from scratch and modified in any and all ways preferred. This is a complete branding integration with a unique website layout not found on an existing WordPress theme.

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