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5 Tips For Maximizing Your Personal Facebook Profile

From Dane Findley of The Partners Trust:

I invited Facebook expert Josh Galvan to swing by my office today and share with my team of community and lifestyle experts: 5 ways to maximize your personal Facebook page for optimum impact!

Watch The Video Here

What Your Broker, Manager, and Company Owners Should All Be Doing

Watch this video from Nick Segal the President of The Partners Trust and listen to this advice because it is so true and important for social/seo success (especially seo success really). Second, this is from the President of himself to his agents…what is your company (from the top level) doing to help you with your online business? If nothing, then seriously start thinking twice because a company like this will win with their focus on tech!

How To Add A Landing Tab For Your Real Estate Facebook Page

In this video you will learn how to use a Facebook application named ‘Static FBML‘ to create a custom landing tab for your real estate Facebook Page. You will also learn how to set your custom landing tab as the default tab non-fans land on when they first come to your page. This is powerful for branding.

The last item covered is a quick way to easily upload an image and embed this in your Landing Tab so that you can have some sort of unique design with your landing tab (this assumes someone made you an image that is branded how you want)

What Are URL Shorteners And Why Use Them With Your Marketing?

In this video you will learn what with a specific focus on Google’s URL shortener. These systems take long spelled url’s and make them shorter. But on top of that they provide you with click through analytics so that you can see how many times and when your links were clicked. This is great for tracking social media, email marketing campaigns, and more.

This is part of the Ultimate Real Estate Link Building Guide

The Number 1 Reason Why Real Estate Agents Fail With Their WordPress SEO

In this video you will learn how is the biggest reason real estate agents fail with their SEO efforts when using WordPress. You will learn why is bad, how WordPress is naturally built to create loads of that work against you, and finally, how to fix this issue from hurting your ranking efforts.

In this video I reference how to insert robots-noindex tags in your website header using the following tool:

This is part of the Ultimate Real Estate Link Building Guide

What Is The Canonical URL Tag And Why Your Site Needs It For Better SEO

In this video you will learn about a term called the ‘ tag’. This term refers to a piece of code that Google and the other search engines see in your website that tells them what the original url of your webpages are. The benefit for this is that if you get links pointing to articles and videos on your blog that are not setup in the same way the url structure of your actual site is, then at least with the tag, the search engines will know which one is the real url to use, index, and give link juice too. This helps your SEO big time and prevents issues!

Here are two WordPress tools I cover in this video that do just that:

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The Best WordPress Spelling And Grammar Checking Tool – ‘After The Deadline’

In this video you will learn about an amazing WordPress plugin named ‘After The Deadline‘. This tool uses artificial intelligence to check the spelling, grammar, and writing style of your blog articles for errors. A must have for real estate bloggers and bloggers in general.

How To Find Your Real Estate Leads On Social Media

In this video I introduce you to this cool website named KGB People that lets you find anyone online. This is great for finding leads that you meet at open houses or leads that you receive emails from. The more you can find and connect with your leads on social media then the higher your lead conversion goes.

This is part of the Ultimate Real Estate Link Building Guide

Free SEO Tools To Spy On Competitors For Links And Rank Checking

In this video you will learn how to use several of the most powerful SEO tools you can use to spy on your competitors to see all their Links they have pointed on their site as well as how to track their ranking. These tools also work for your site to check all the links pointing to your site and to easily view your ranking position in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

One great thing to do when looking at your competitors links with these tools is to try to get links from the same places.

Here are the links to the free tools referenced in this video:

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How To Easily Find DoFollow Real Estate Blogs For Backlinks

In this video I show you several ways to easily find content relevant real estate blogs that you can begin building backlinks with by commenting on their articles. In this video I go over the websites below so be sure to open these and use them along with the tutorial.

List of real estate blogs that are :

Dofollow search engines:

This is part of the Ultimate Real Estate Link Building Guide