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This is the video orientation to what the entire program is all about, while the text following the video is a written explanation. I recommend you watch the video to truly understand what the goals of the program are for each member following it. Also, you will understand how all your online marketing legs such as SEO, Social Media, IDX, etc, will work with each other.

This training program and marketing plan is built with the 80/20 rule in mind where 20% of your online marketing efforts will produce 80% of the results. The reason this is the case is twofold:

First … to get you to stop majoring in the minors. To many real estate agents are spending their time trying to do EVERYTHING there is possible for online lead generation and in every way possible.

The problem with this is that it causes you to waste endless time online trying to figure out how to squeeze out more leads from your marketing. Unfortunately, this nearly always ends in a feeling of being burned out and your marketing ends up going nowhere due the lack of focus and attention to the main strategies that do work.

Second … to get you to stop “tool chasing” and thinking you need to add every new tool you come across online from a marketing guru, at a seminar, from another agent, or from your peeking at other websites.

The problem with this is that you will burn a huge hole in your marketing budget and yield minimal to nearly no results for adding the new tool to your online marketing.

When you combine the two you can see why most agents think online marketing is a waste of time and money. But…

That’s Not Why Most Agents Don’t Generate Business Online, Is It?

When you ask a real estate agent why they don’t succeed online it’s usually said that they either don’t have the time or money, or both (and these are valid of course).

However, if you really consider the two problems explained above, you can clearly see that the problem really comes from a lack of focus versus not having the time or money because no one forces you to do every strategy you come across or buy the new shiny tool sold to you.

So why do you do it? What allows you to go from hearing one thing an agent is doing online or a marketing guru online tells you or from seeing a tool an agent is using on their website to thinking “I need to do that for my website too.”

We believe it’s simply because you don’t truly understand what really does work and has consistently worked online, and therefore you can’t decipher what will work for you.

The Big Online Lead Generation Secret…

The biggest source of lead generation you will have is through your Website’s IDX system (your home search system) because that is the most likely place someone is willing to give you their information in exchange for information on property listings. And the best place to get this is through Google traffic!

It’s no secret that the main thing someone is looking for when visiting a real estate agents website is property listings! The agents that spend their time trying to get people to land on their websites to use their IDX are the ones with the most success in generating the most leads online.

Don’t think this is true?

Well I can list dozens of examples, but this one here is sufficient:

Why do you think Zillow, Trulia,, and all the other big industry sites focus so hard on getting to the top of Google for the most searched real estate terms in your city?

It’s because they know the big secret explained above about lead generation.

The reason why they invest so much of their resources in getting traffic from people wanting to search for homes is because they know it’s the most common place they are willing to exchange their contact information (which they in turn package and sell back to you for revenue).

That Can’t be Right, What About Social Media and Everything Else?

Do not misunderstand the point about the big secret. When it comes to “everything else” like Facebook marketing, Youtube video marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, and Social Media marketing in general, these all are really effective methods to generate leads from and there are many agents that prove this to be true.

But there’s a caveat. Typically the agents that you hear these case studies about that are having the most success doing “everything else” actually have at least one unique factor going for them that most of the time you cannot emulate or implement for yourself by just copying them in principle.

Take several of these examples to truly understand this point:

  • Perhaps the agent is a more talented writer than another so their blogging naturally gets more attention or landed them a connection with their local newspaper. In order to have the same success you will have to be an equally skilled writer. But this is running uphill at that point.
  • Perhaps the agent is better at public speaking and presenting and therefore their videos get greater attention and their inquiries grow. You can get training for this but that too is running uphill.
  • Perhaps the agent was the “first” in their market to use a certain platform like video, social media, blogging, etc, and this gave them a competitive advantage others next in line don’t have. Unfortunately, you don’t have a time machine.
  • Perhaps the agent lives in an area that is by default an area of massive interest to regular consumers so the content they put out through social media tends to get more attention (like someone showing a $20 million dollar mansion on video versus showing a 100k home for instance). Are you going to pick up and move? Not likely.
  • Perhaps the agent has an extremely in-depth background on a particular subject and their expertise oozes out of their social media marketing, causing others to take note (and their inquiries grow). You can hit the books and train to get the experience needed, but this too is running uphill.

The point of all the above is to show you that the marketing platform itself is not the cause of an agents success online. Rather their unique competitive advantage with the platform itself is the cause of their success.

Many agents believe that “I must be on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google+” or “I must do videos” with the belief that these will help them directly bring in more leads. It’s as though being on these networks or just doing the same things as other agents in the networks is the trick to achieving the same results (when it is definitely not the case).

Well Then Why Bother With Trying?

I know how it sounds reading everything above. If the key to real success in getting leads directly from users online requires a unique marketing factor or advantage then it almost sounds hopeless, as if there is no point in even doing videos, marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all other Social Media platforms.

But this is not the case at all. Instead, you just have to re-shift your focus to remembering the big secret explained above, which is that the best source of lead generation you have is in getting your website to the top of Google so that people will use your IDX/Home Search system.

When you re-shift your focus to remembering the big secret then you will be able to see how using social media is mainly an important tool to help your website move up Google (as you will learn in the training program and marketing plan).

Everyone Has An Equal Chance At Generating Leads Online

The lead generation playing field is leveled when you focus on the big secret, regardless of your talent or expertise! If you aren’t the best writer, don’t create the best videos, or don’t really have a lot of “interesting” things to share on social media, it doesn’t matter.

When a buyer on Google comes across your website and then uses your IDX, then they don’t care about your writing, video, or social media skills. They simply care they are looking at homes and will inquire with you on the homes they like. In short, you can still generate a lot of leads.

For those that happen to have a unique factor going for them with their social media content then that is just icing on the cake and will help you even further. However, since the majority of people don’t necessarily have this, then at least through Google, your website, and your IDX you can have a business that generates as much leads as anyone else.

So What Will You Get From This Training & Marketing Plan?

You will get the exact steps and knowledge required to get your website to the top of Google for the sole purpose of getting people to use your IDX (where the lead generation happens). This is the process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You will still learn how to still do everything else you are hearing about Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, and Social Media in general, but instead of spending your time and money on trying to emulate strategies that work for a select few due to their unique factors, you will leverage these networks to directly help your SEO instead.

By having a laser focus on appearing high on Google to get people to click on your website and use your IDX then you are focusing on the highest and best use of your online marketing time for lead generation.

What Is The Format Of The Training Program?

This training program and marketing plan is built with the 80/20 rule in mind where 20% of your online marketing efforts will produce 80% of the results. Each topic will be divided into a Training Module and each Training Module will be divided in this manner below.

Remember, the entire purpose of this training program is to simply move your website up Google so people can find you and use your IDX…where most of your lead generation will happen!

Example Of How The Training Modules Are Outlined

1. Purpose: The way the respective module helps your website move up Google when put into action.

2. The 20% Effort (for 80% of the results): These will be the main items you should do for the respective topic that will yield the most results. For those wanting to do as little as possible but wanting to still do their online marketing right, this is what you need to follow at minimum.

3. The 80% Effort (for the remaining 20% results): These will be the extra detailed steps you can do to fully have your marketing in check. However, this will require more time and attention, and many times these are not needed to directly help you move up Google. So you can ignore these to save time because they are just for the remaining 20% of the results and it won’t hurt your SEO efforts to not have these done.

4. Related Tutorials: This is where new training tips will go for a given module. If they are important enough to be part of the 20% or 80% of your efforts then they will be included in them. Otherwise, they will stay in the related tutorials section because they are just extra examples of what you can do for the given module. These can be totally ignored and they wouldn’t hurt your SEO efforts (but it’s good to see them out as you may have a use for them).

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