Video Review Of The Outline

Your Website Setup

The 20% of Your Focus:

1. Content Setup

a. Create Your Core Pages

All of your Communities/Cities you service
-Deal of the month or featured popular listing type post

b. Organize your navigation bar.

2. SEO Integration

a. Meta Deta on core pages (insert keywords)

b. Google Integration

Webmaster tools

3. IDX Integration

a. Location and placement on site

-Homepage at the top
-Sidebar search at top
-Navbar commmunity list
-Sidebar community list

b. All communities (SEO’d properly as well)

c. Mobile Integration

d. Attention Getter IDX Blog Posts and how to make the stay on top of your blog lists.

e. Listings Widgets In Use on community pages (same tutorial as point d above)

4. Social Media Integration

a. Facebook comments

b. Facebook Widgets (like box, link to personal profile)

c. Twitter Widget

d. Youtube Widget

e. Google+ widgets

f. All Share Buttons on posts

5. Misc items

a. Setup your User profile

b. Gravatar (use same email account used on social media sign ups)

c. Setup your anti-spam system.

The Other 80% of your focus:

1. Misc Tools

a. Alto’s and market data tools. Part 1, Part 2

b. Live Chat tools

c. Generally any other tools that aren’t listings related

2. Local Community Content

a. Restaurants, Schools, Amenties, etc.

3. Seller focused content

a. Short sale pages, sold listings, home values, how’s the market, how we sell your home, etc.

4. Create a homepage featured video

a. Replace the homepage featured posts with a welcome video.

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