Module 4: Search Engine Optimization

Video Review Of The Outline

Search Engine Optimization

The 20% Of Your Focus:

1. Keyword Usage

These links show you how to properly use your seo keywords in your title and also how to find a wide variety of keywords to use.

You need to do this because the biggest issue with real estate agents and their SEO efforts is what is referred to as “over-optimization.” In Google’s eyes, this is when you overuse the same keyword. Check out the videos below to see how to avoid this.

2. Identity SEO and Social Media

a. Google Authorship Markup.

b. Connect your website with all social profiles by using widgets, using badges, and using links

c. Be aware why social media promotion is now part of SEO.

d. Remember to link to your website from all social media accounts.

3. Image Usage Optimization

a. Understand the importance of using images in content (Google favors content with multimedia)

b. How to quickly find images online for use with your blogging

c. Understand what Alt and Title tags on photos are (as explained in the video review for this outline). Let your website do the keyword integration for you on images.

4. Video integration

a. Understand the importance of using video (Google favors content with multimedia)

b. How to quickly create videos using free screensharing software

c. Understand that you can search Youtube by keyword to find videos for use on your blog (even if they aren’t yours)

5. Interlinking your website together for deeper crawling

a. How to innerlink your own content

*Let your website do this for you

6. Outterlinking to relevant websites

a. Understand the importance of linking out to good websites as explained in the video review for this outline.

b. How to use related keywords when linking out for relevance

7. Study Analytics Weekly

a. Tutorials for this here

8. Check rankings weekly

a. How to accurately check your ranking.

9. Google Integration

a. Google Webmaster Tools

b. Google Analytics

The Other 80% of your focus:

1. Keyword research

a. How to find a variety of keywords buyers/sellers use to search real estate in Google

2. Link Building

a. Directories, Blog Commenting, and more.

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