Video Review Of The Outline


The 20% Of Your Focus:

1. Use of Images and Video in your blogging

a. How to quickly find images online for use with your blogging

b. How to quickly create videos using free screensharing software

c. How to find videos that aren’t yours for use on your blog (just search Youtube by keyword)

2. Quick Content Creation

a. How to share articles on your website and get SEO value

b. Where to quickly find articles to post on your website

c. How to search social media for content you can blog about

d. How to use real estate tools like IDX & market data for content

The Other 80% Of Your Focus:

1. How to create great content

a. Create the most effective blog content structure for high readership

b. Integrate Persuasive Writing Strategies

c. Learn how to create great headlines for better conversion

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