Pre-Module 1: New Member Get Started Guide

Greetings New Tizish Member!

Now that your website is built, it is important that you get started in the right track. Also, it is important to follow our directions as we have outlined below if you want to truly maximize the power of our blog marketing system. Our most successful clients are the ones that follow the steps exactly as they appear below.

First and Foremost, Watch This Introduction Video

1. Learn How Your Website Content Infrastructure Is Setup.

It is important for you to first understand how your website system functions and how it is setup out of the box. So watch the video tutorial below to understand the following:

  • How Is The Site Layout Made And Why?
  • What Can You Customize With Your Tizish System In Terms Of Design/Layout?
  • What Is Your Navigation Bar?
  • What Are The Pages We Built Into Your System And How Do They Function?
  • How Does Your Homepage And Archives Work?
  • How Does Your Sidebar And Footer Work?
  • How Should You Use The Pages And Categories Pre-Built With Your System?

View the introduction here.

2. Learn The Specific ‘How To’ Tutorials That Show You How To Begin Putting Content Properly On Your Website.

To immediately get started and learn how to use your system then it is best that you first watch all of these video tutorials in the order they appear below. Keep in mind this is just to get going. There are dozens of more in depth tutorials covering everything else your system can do.

Adding And Editing Content On Your Website:

Organizing Your Content:

More Posting Tutorials For Putting Multimedia Videos and Images In Your Posts

Also, you may want to check out these additional marketing tools integrated with your site to massively assist with creating blog posts with style and effectiveness.

Learn How To Use Your IDX System. Depending On Your IDX, Watch The Video Below:’

Do This First Action Step: Content Creation

  1. Enter all your content onto your site. These are your basic about page, testimonials, contact information, etc. Be sure to do the SEO for these pages as this video tutorial shows.
  2. Organize your navigation bar to your preference.
  3. Add a new “welcome” blog post or put a custom video on your homepage.

*The videos for steps 1-3 are all outlined in the list on this page (as I explain on the introduction video).

After doing the items above your website will be 100% ready and set. What you will have is your basic content, SEO all setup, and IDX all setup. Now what you have to focus on is learning how to make your website move up Google. This is done in our training program on the Module 1 found here.

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