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What We Do

We are a service based company. What we do best is take the best pieces of website design and marketing tools, and provide agents with a customized website and marketing system that suits their needs.

We guide you through the process of choosing a great website design and choosing the best marketing tools you will need.

We build websites focused on lead generation and conversion. If it isn’t built for this, why bother even buying a website and putting time into it?

The best website designs and marketing tools already exist within the WordPress community. Therefore, WordPress is at the core of everything we do and all of our websites are built off of WordPress. So as a new agent, you don’t need to re-create the wheel. Instead, your focus should be on how to best put together your website and marketing system with what is currently existing.

Once You Have A Website With Us, Then What?


After your website is created we provide training that focuses on building an online business rather than just jumping on the monthly bandwagon of whats hot in the real estate market.

The main focus is on teaching core blogging, search engine optimization, and social media marketing principles. These are the things that won’t change as the market shifts. That way, the business you build today will be relevant in a year or two from now as the market continues to evolve.

Other Ways We Provide Support

We keep you up to date on the latest real estate tech and marketing changes. This keeps you informed on what is working and what isn’t working, without having to invest all your time sifting through the latest software or gizmos online.

The Tizish Advantage

Our website system evolves faster than all other real estate website companies because we do not use proprietary software (meaning we don’t usually create our own). Everything we build our sites with is free and available online.

So when the online world evolves, our systems are right up there with it because we are born from the same tree of community built software.

Before Considering Working With Tizish, Here’s What You Should Know:

  • We are not for everyone because not everyone is ready for our system.
  • If you expect to generate loads of business without putting in real work…we are not for you.
  • If you want to tell us how to setup your website…we are not for you (we wouldn’t tell you how to sell a home if we didn’t know how to right?)

…Who We Are For

  • We are for agents that want to be told exactly how to best build a website for lead generation and conversion.
  • We are for agents that want to be told exactly how to generate leads online in a step by step manner.
  • We are for agents that want to commit to building their business online and will either put in the work themselves, or delegate it to their team/assistant.

If you have any questions just send us a note.

Connect With Us

Who Is Behind Tizish?

My name is Josh Galvan and I run this awesome beast you know as Tizish. I have two primary goals for the real estate agent community. First I want to make the best WordPress built real estate websites that are affordable, and second, I want to give agents simple and practical ways to generate real business from the Internet.

I want to eliminate companies that overprice and over sale “ideas” that are intended more to make a quick buck instead of genuinely help agents online. With Tizish I’m undoing this one agent at a time.

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