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Dear Diary…I am Blogging

It’s Not A Diary, It’s A Window Of Opportunity

True story, there are real estate agents out there that still hold the false belief that a blog is like an online diary.  Although it can be and probably is being used by some as an online diary, for businesses, (particularly real estate agents) it’s so much more.

You’re right to think that nobody cares to read about what you did today at work.  However, people do care to read about how a piece of legislation or a new loan program can benefit (or hurt) their situation.

Blogging has become more than an online diary; it’s become a platform to show (directly or indirectly) that you know your stuff.  It acts as window for an anonymous person to see what you are like by reading what and how you write.

If you think you can close a deal better or know more about real estate issues than the agent down the street, your blog can aid you in letting the world know.  Is there something a buyer should know when buying a property in 123 District?  How would a seller know that they’re home is over priced?  Write about that.

When you demonstrate your knowledge with consistent blog posting you gain credibility and you become a resource.  And it’s resources that people use when they want to get things done.

Why this matters to you?

As a real estate agent you make a living by helping people buy or sell homes.  In order to have this you must generate and convert leads or prospective clients.  If a majority of people that are looking to buy or sell are going online for information (and they will get it either from you or your competitor) shouldn’t you position yourself to be the person they find that can help them? “Why, yes of course Tizish guy.”

The amount of people using the internet for real estate information is undoubtedly growing.  This means there are people in your city or neighborhood that are looking for information about various topics.  As an agent looking to generate more business it’s a no brainer–if people are asking or searching for things related to real estate in your area be the one that provide answers.  In other words, go where the business flows.

Have a great day!

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Josh Galvan
Josh Galvan
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