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The Demon Of Marketing

Changes In Real Estate Marketing Have Long Been Underway

…and the demon of marketing has something to say! I found this a while back, it’s a fun eight page satire piece you’ll get a kick out of. The piece emphasizes how the internet is the place to be when it comes to the real estate industry, not because it’s the latest technology but because it is what the market is demanding.

“The Market Has Changed, But You Have Not. If You’re Not Smart, You’ll Lose All You’ve Got”. Man, I can’t tell you how much I laugh when I read this thing, it’s hilarious! The message, illustrations, and how it was written as a children’s book in nursery rhyme fashion easily drives the point home! Just take a look at the sample below and see what I mean.

Click To Enlarge Image: It's worth it!

Click To Enlarge Image: It's worth it!

What The Demon Of Marketing Is

The demon of marketing personifies the idea that consumers in a free market eventually drift to services or products that are the most beneficial to them. Many people in the real estate industry still think the internet is a waste of time and continue to ignore the statistics, trends, and future reality. It’s a scary reality just like the scary demon in the picture above.

Moral of the story:


Click To Enlarge

Those who dismiss, deny, or ignore that the internet is where the market is heading with real estate are doomed to failure in the future.

As The Demon of Marketing says,

Oh, my dear broker life is not fair; I’m the demon of marketing, and really don’t care

Have Fun With It And Make Somebody Smile!

First off, download The Demon of Marketing here it’s a quick 2 minute read.

Read it and then send it to anybody who needs to have a laugh–it’ll bring a smile to most people, I promise. The beauty of comedy is that it has a way of making a point that people can remember.

Let me know your thoughts on it. Dislike it or love it? Let your opinion be heard, go ahead and comment!

if you missed the link the first time Download The Demon of Marketing here!

Have a great day!

P.S. Any real estate agent looking for a way to promote their listings take a look at the last pages. After the story there are two pages explaining a service called the I haven’t looked at the service in detail or anything but you can find an explanation of it’s services on the site, just a thought.

* The pictures above are from The Demon of Marketing by Creed Smith and Rob Doe from the

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