Many Hits To Your Website and Still…Nothing. Why?

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Many Hits To Your Website and Still…Nothing. Why?

One of the most common questions we receive is, “my website is great I have so many hits but none of them are filling out my form.”  There are numerous reasons why they may not be converting or filling out your form. Bad IDX, too many clicks before they get what they want, asking for too much information, etc.

Make It Easy

For now, I’ll focus on the Ease-of-Use factor.  If I’m somebody looking for buy real estate online is it easy to find the “Search For Homes” tab? Or is it hidden somewhere? What you want to do is highlight the feature you are offering.  So if you want generate homebuyer leads be sure that your “Search Homes” icon is easily found and noticeable.  In other words, if I land on your site and can’t find what I’m looking for (let’s say listings) within a couple of seconds then I’m out of there and you’ve just lost a lead.

Things You Can Do For Better Conversion

  1. Clutter Free Your Site. If you have bells and whistles that distract or take attention away from what you want the person to do get rid of them.
  2. Separate your conversion or lead capture pages.  Maybe the reason why people are clicking away from your site is that you’re sending mixed messages.  For example, you may be saying “view all properties here” while at the same time asking them to sign up for a home analysis.  These double messages decrease conversion.  Instead, have one page for a buyer, providing what they want (homes) and an added benefit for providing their information (such as listings alerts).   Basically, if you want to capture a lead be precise with the message you want to convey and what you want them to do.  Stealthsites are perfect examples of single conversion pages.
  3. Emphasize the benefit of what they receive. When you highlight what they will receive before they provide information you are more likely to gain their trust. Think about it, why would I give you any information if I don’t know what I’m doing it for? What if I don’t want what you may be offering?

Those are a few things you can do immediately that may help with your lead capture and conversion. Hec, if you’re getting loads of hits to your site and aren’t capturing leads it has to be the message your website is sending out. Try it out.

Good luck.

Josh Galvan
Josh Galvan
My focus each and every day is to teach agents and brokers simple and practical strategies that will assist in generating and converting more Internet leads. There is nothing I love more than Internet Marketing, Lead Conversion, and Real Estate. Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ at +Josh Galvan.

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