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How To Create A Social Media Strategy – Part 2 – Webinar

In this Webinar part 2 of creating your Social Media Strategy is explained. This follows the exact layout and notes you created from going through part 1. What you will learn in this section is how to search through a variety of different online channels to discover what the questions and conversations your target audience is asking.

The more in tune you are with the actual questions, comments, and conversations your audience is asking about the subjects you want to create a Social Media Strategy around, then the better your strategy will be.

You will learn how to find out what questions your audience are asking in the search engines and social media, what and how they are responding to information about your topics of interest, and lastly, how to wrap it all up into a simple daily plan of action.

Resources Used On The Webinar To Search What Your Target Market Is Talking/Asking Online

Keyword Research (question finder)

Q&A Websites To Search

Staying On Top Of The News

Where To See Conversations

  • Youtube (search topics you want and view responses)
  • Any blog articles from news publications as I show in the video. View the comments.
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There are 3 notepad documents I use on the Webinar to illustrate the process of creating your content strategy. Download the notes here. When you click the notes link it will download a zip file that contains the exact notepad file I used on the Webinar.

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Josh Galvan
Josh Galvan
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