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How To Create Compelling Headlines That Get Read!

This is an older tutorial I have done but the content is the exact same content I would say if I recorded this today. So treat this information as 100% relevant to today still.

This is a long webinar recording focused more on marketing principles. So make time to watch it all. It will pay off greatly for your future blogging.

In this webinar I cover three specific items:

  • What are 3 core headline styles you must understand.
  • How do you get into the mindset of your target market (this is the most important part of creating good headlines)
  • Headline template examples you can use to plug and play your headlines

This subject is probably the most under looked subject in all of the real estate blogging community. Most agents don’t know how to write headlines that attract their target market to take action. The reason for this is due to a lack of understanding the psychological principles involved with the three points above.

In this webinar I go over those.

Check it out now!

Click Here To Watch Video

Josh Galvan
Josh Galvan
My focus each and every day is to teach agents and brokers simple and practical strategies that will assist in generating and converting more Internet leads. There is nothing I love more than Internet Marketing, Lead Conversion, and Real Estate. Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ at +Josh Galvan.

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