How To SEO Your Way To The Top Of Google! Webinar Playback!

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How To SEO Your Way To The Top Of Google! Webinar Playback!

In this webinar you will learn all the important steps it takes to get to the top of Google.

I have done many webinars on this topic covering different areas of SEO and as much as they provide deep information to help you fully grasp the concepts, many are left wondering how all the strategies relate to each other.

This Webinar is essentially the glue that will bind everything you need to know about SEO and put it into a simple daily action plan and guideline to follow.

This is what we will cover:

1. A basic review of what “SEO” is today and what ranking factors Google looks at that you need to actually pay attention to with your website.

2. The difference between “long tail” and “short tail” keywords and what does it matter? (basically keyword selection and usage with your blogging).

3. The important areas of your websites SEO infrastructure that you need to make sure you have covered.

4. How Posterous, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and social media in general play into your SEO strategy.

5. Breakdown of what you simply have to do each and everyday with your website to ensure that you keep moving up Google’s ranking (basically a step by step daily SEO marketing plan).

After you finish this Webinar you will have the action plan to get to the top of Google for your area. Whether you get there or not really depends on your commitment to following what you learn on this Webinar.

Download the notes I used on this Webinar here. The file is in a Zip file.

Best watched in full screen mode.

Josh Galvan
Josh Galvan
My focus each and every day is to teach agents and brokers simple and practical strategies that will assist in generating and converting more Internet leads. There is nothing I love more than Internet Marketing, Lead Conversion, and Real Estate. Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ at +Josh Galvan.

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