Lesson 4 Webinar: Your Daily Blog Marketing Plan, Setup and Implementation

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Lesson 4 Webinar: Your Daily Blog Marketing Plan, Setup and Implementation

In this Webinar you will learn everything you need to learn for executing a daily blog marketing plan. The goal of learning everything I cover in this Webinar is to provide you with an exact checklist of what you need to be doing everyday to get to the top of Google for your market.

I teach you everything from how to setup Google Alerts, to using Posterous.com, to using your market data tools integrated with your site, all in a manner that is scheduled and made into a smooth routine taking no more than 1 hour every morning.

After you have gone through this Webinar you will know exactly what to blog about, how to manage your time doing it, and how to use SEO keywords properly to get to the top of Google. This is one of the single most important Webinars I will do because this is the actual marketing plan you have been setting up through all other training lessons. This is the exact plan that has our clients on the first page of Google.

Video is below (login to view it).

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Notes From The Webinar

Google Alerts To Setup

For a quick refresher on setting up Google Alerts then follow this tutorial on how to setup your Google Alerts and use the steps covered in the webinar above and the notes below to set yours up.

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*Remember, these are all just examples but it really depends on your market to see which ones will provide content. Use these as a starting point but go through loads of different types you feel can make sense for your area.

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Josh Galvan
Josh Galvan
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