Step 1: Understanding WordPress And All Tizish Built In Features

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The training program has been updated. To view the new training program then check out this link found here. Everything you will learn in this section with the old training program is still applicable but it’s best to follow our new format as the online marketing landscape has changed a little.

Section 1: How To Post Content To Your WordPress Site

Section 1a: Extended Basic Posting Features

Section 1b: Advanced Content Posting Tools

Section 2: How To Use Multimedia And Style Content

Section 3: How To Organize Content

Section 3a: How To Change Homepage Content Structure

Section 3b: Comment Management

Section 4: Custom Page Templates

Section 5: IDX Usage

Only watch the video tutorial on DSIDXPress and/or Ihomefinder if you have purchased their IDX systems. Otherwise watch the video tutorial below on embedding any IDX tool into your website.

Section 6: How Your Sidebar And Widgets Work

Section 6a: Content Focused Widgets

Section 6b: Lead Capture Widgets

Section 6c: Social Media Widgets

Section 6d: Multimedia Widgets

Section 6e: Misc Widgets

Section 7: User Account Info and Settings

Section 8: How To Modify Your Site Layout, Design, or Structure

Section 9: Misc General Items To Know

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