Step 10: Setup Your Lead Generation Funnel

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The training program has been updated. To view the new training program then check out this link found here. Everything you will learn in this section with the old training program is still applicable but it’s best to follow our new format as the online marketing landscape has changed a little.

What Is The Lead Generation Funnel?

Your lead generation funnel is basically the flow of all your online marketing that you guide your visitors through to go from a process of discovering your brand to capturing their information. Everyone has a different lead generation funnel that depends on their specific marketing steps being implemented. So there is no right or wrong lead generation funnel. Just be sure to create one and commit to it so that your marketing is consistent.

What Are All The Steps?

There are three core areas to your lead generation funnel.

  1. Lead Generation – where you are attracting the traffic of buyers/sellers from.
  2. Lead Capture – what are the marketing tools you are using to capture a buyer/sellers information and market to them directly once they are captured.
  3. Lead Conversion – what you are offering the buyer/seller in exchange for their information.

What Is The Plan To Begin The Process?

  1. Setup your sources of lead generation (where your traffic will come from)
  2. Setup your primary sources of lead capture (email lead capture, IDX, Facebook Page, etc).
  3. Interconnect your lead generation sources with your lead capture sources (for example, if your lead generation source is your website then you would include email lead capture and IDX lead capture forms on the site).
  4. Decide how your marketing messages will point all your visitors to your lead capture pages (are you offering free reports, unlimited mls access, etc.)

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