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The training program has been updated. To view the new training program then check out this link found here. Everything you will learn in this section with the old training program is still applicable but it’s best to follow our new format as the online marketing landscape has changed a little.

If you want the text document version of the notes I used in the video then find it here and print.

Follow this guide in order in which the videos appear below. This is the same outline used in the video tutorials.

Section 1: General Marketing Principles You Must Understand About Your Website

Biggest problem with online marketing – One of the biggest problems with real estate agent sites is that they try to CLOSE to early.

  1. Be a concierge of information.
  2. Your content will be the main lead capture items, not so much your landing pages. Your landing pages should serve as the concierge to all your lead capture posts within the topic.
  3. Goal is also to make it easy for you to manage the updating of your site while keeping it’s structure.

Section 2: Setting Up Your Content Marketing Infrastructure

Overview On All The Points Outlined Below.

Section 2 – Step 1: Understand Your Lead Generation Banners And What They Are Supposed To Provide.

Section 2 – Step 2: Create Your Concierge Content Archives

Questions To Help You Figure Out Your Specific Categories

  • What is everything you need a buyer/seller to know about your business if you get them on your website?
  • What is everything you need a buyer and seller to have from you that they can get from your website to save you time in always preparing the same files?
  • What is the content that updates with time? How do you update your customer base about this news?
  • When people contact you, what are they looking for? More information on what subjects?

Default Categories

  • Buyers
    -Deal of the month
    -First Time Home Buyers
  • Sellers
    -How We Market Your Home For Sale
    -Price Trends In The Neighborhood
    -How To Price Your Home
  • Cities (or ‘Communities’)
    -Gotham City
    -Land Of Oz
  • How’s The Market
    -Mortgage Rates
    -Home Prices and Trends
    -Local Market Data
  • About (or ‘Our Team’)
  • FAQ’s (Common Questions) – These should be local issues in your market and local questions related to you area. These then link to your main categories with the answer.
  • Testimonials

Section 2 – Step 3: Putting Your Concierge Style Categories Together

a. Organize your category’s blog posts into sub-categories.

b. Create landing page content for categories. See if you need the related page still too. Put unique content for each subcategory also.

c. Undo noindex for the primary parent category you are using.

d. Learn how to use display widgets to display more relevant content in the sidebar of your concierge archives. Make these the sub-categories in your main parent category sidebars.

e. Use display widgets to show contact forms in sidebars of categories.

f. Learn how to organize the order of your posts in the categories.

g. Learn how to change your lead generation button links to go to your proper pages.

h. Learn how to 301 redirect your pages to your categories if you have duplicate pages with categories.

Section 3: Create Your Navigation Bar Links

Section 4: Additional Points On Managing This All

Steps covered In The Tutorial

  • Sidebar lead gen icons need 301 redirecting
  • Common questions page should be the contact page
  • Use Thumbnails on posts

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