Step 2.c. Social Media Setup


The training program has been updated. To view the new training program then check out this link found here. Everything you will learn in this section with the old training program is still applicable but it’s best to follow our new format as the online marketing landscape has changed a little.

In this section you will learn everything you need to setup your social media infrastructure. The primary goal of setting up your social media infrastructure is to serve as an automatic syndication network. What this means is that you will basically have your social media system update all your networks at one time without having to spend the time going into each of the networks individually.

There are 4 main systems we will use for this section. The purpose and how you will use them are listed below. It is important you understand these: – The main goal of Posterous is to update your social networks in conjunction with updating your website in the following ways:

  • Sharing Content As Part Of Your Daily Marketing Plan (Dj’ing content)
  • For Updating Your Networks While Not On Your Computer (though your cell phone) – The main goal of Onlywire is to update your social networks when you are directly publishing blog posts from your WordPress admin panel.

NetworkedBlogs* – This is used only to automatically have your Facebook Page updated with your website Blog posts as they are published on your WordPress Blog. The reason is that Onlywire doesn’t have an option to update Facebook Pages so the only way to have postings automatically published to your Facebook Page when not using Posterous is with this system here.

*While this is an option, I really do not recommend you use this and have all your WordPress Blog posts posted on your Facebook Page wall because it may be a whole lot of postings once you get started with the Daily Marketing Plan with DJ’ing content. What you want to do instead is be selective with the content you share on your Facebook Page so that you keep your ‘Likes’ interested with content directly relevant to why they liked your page in the first place.

With all that being said, it is time to get going with the steps in this process.

Step 1: Sign Up For All The Following Social Networks

This is a large list of Social Networks that I recommend you sign up for. Please keep in mind that you don’t have to actually use all of these. The purpose is simply so that you can have a social media presence in all of them for your posts from Posterous and Onlywire to syndicate to. The benefit of being on all these networks and having your postings automatically posted to them is for the Linking and SEO benefits. This is a big part of it.

*The only thing you should do for sure with all these networks is enter your Website URL in the profile for all of them. Don’t worry about having to fill out full accounts with brand new information. Just copy the same ‘bio and website url’ you use for one of them to all of them.

This list includes in parenthesis which syndication networks you will end up using them on as well (Posterous and/or Onlywire). — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire) — (Onlywire and Posterous) — (Onlywire and Posterous) — (Onlywire and Posterous) — (Onlywire and Posterous) — (Onlywire and Posterous) — (Onlywire and Posterous) — (Onlywire and Posterous) — (Onlywire and Posterous) — (Onlywire and Posterous) — (Onlywire and Posterous) — (Posterous) — (Posterous) — (Posterous) — (Posterous) — (Posterous) — (Posterous) — (Posterous) — (Posterous)

*On the Onlywire and Posterous list of available networks you can sign up for when you go to these networks, there are many I didn’t include in the list above. This is intentional so just keep to the list of networks above.

Step 2: Setup Posterous

The Posterous setup was from a full hour Webinar. To make it more simple I cut the webinar into the specific video steps below.

0. What Is Posterous?

1. How to setup posterous.

2. Advanced setup you should for sure be doing.

3. How it works.

4. Advanced email routing.

5. Bookmarklet tool. (*The Better Tutorial For This Is Here)

-Best source of real estate news:

6. Scheduling, Mobile phone apps, and Skinning.

-Where to find Posterous Mobile Apps:

7. How to make posterous updates go into specific Categories on your blog.

Step 3: Setup Onlywire

1. How to setup and use Onlywire.

Step 4: Google Profile Setup

This is needed so that you can use Google’s +1 Button for social media sharing. It will also be a huge part of your SEO efforts and is a must have system.

Sign Up For Google Profiles at

Extra #1: NetworkedBlogs (for FB Pages auto-posting)

If you want your WordPress Blog Posts to automatically post to your Facebook Page then check out the tutorial below. Remember my notes above that I don’t necessarily advice this because when you get to the daily marketing plan it will involve sharing many articles to your website that you may not want to automatically post to your Facebook Page.

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