Step 4.b. Offline Integration


The training program has been updated. To view the new training program then check out this link found here. Everything you will learn in this section with the old training program is still applicable but it’s best to follow our new format as the online marketing landscape has changed a little.

This section is more of a reminder than a tutorial. Now that you have established your website and social media presence up to this point in the training program, it is important to go through each of the steps below and make sure you have integrated your website with your non-digital (offline) world.

So be sure to integrate your website into the following:

  1. Your Business Cards.
  2. Your Email Signature.
  3. Your Voicemail.
  4. All Your Print Media
    -Open House Flyers
    -Farming Material
    -Newspaper/Magazine Ads
  5. Listing Presentations
  6. All Your Social Networks (the list of all that you should sign up for is here).

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