Step 8: Video Marketing Implementation

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The training program has been updated. To view the new training program then check out this link found here. Everything you will learn in this section with the old training program is still applicable but it’s best to follow our new format as the online marketing landscape has changed a little.

Your video marketing implementation is essentially understanding the nature of Youtube. It is important that you know how Youtube functions when it comes to ranking videos (both on Youtube and in Google). The factors that help determine your individual videos rankings are:

  • Your individual videos SEO setup.
  • Links pointing to your videos.
  • How much traffic your video gets.

All these items are covered in the Youtube marketing webinar below. To get going with your Youtube video marketing then learn the following three steps:

  1. Setup Your Youtube Channel.
  2. Learn all the Youtube Marketing Features (SEO, commenting, annotations, etc).
  3. Learn how Youtube tagging works to generate and control traffic.

Youtube Video Checklist

When you are ready to publish a video it is important to follow this checklist (after watching the Youtube marketing features webinar above then these steps are understood).

  1. Rename video file to reflect the title of the video.
  2. Upload your video to Youtube and do all your SEO for the video (keywords, description, link, etc).
  3. Post a bulletin.
  4. Post to your core network to view, like, and comment (like and comment through Youtube’s system).
  5. Post on Facebook. Post your Youtube link so it embeds in Facebook’s wall.
  6. Create a blog post for your website with your Youtube video embedded on it.

The Daily Marketing Plan Update

This doesn’t add anything new to the daily marketing plan since it already includes the fact that you should update your website with unique content 1-2 times a day. Just keep in mind that when you elect to do a video then follow the checklist above.


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