Is It Politically Incorrect To Call A Lead “A Lead”?

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Is It Politically Incorrect To Call A Lead “A Lead”?

It’s Just A Word

This will be short and sweet. I’ve run across some people (I teasingly call them bleeding hearts) who don’t like it when we use the word “lead” when referring to, well…a lead. They sometimes tell me “they are people” or “they’re not a number”. The implication being that real estate agents view people as numbers or “leads” as opposed to human beings. Give me a break. Agents know not to treat their clients as numbers; their business depends on it!

A Lead Is A Lead

The word “lead” is an industry term and concept that refers to people who may be interested in doing business sooner or later. They could easily be called a prospect, potential client, or future client. It’s just so much easier to say “lead”–It’s one syllable!

On a serious note, sometimes people are just looking for ways to make real estate agents look bad, this is one of them. It’s just a word get over it.

Am I the only one who’s come across this “lead” thing or are there any agents out there who know what I’m talking about?

Have a great day!

(told you it would be short!)

Josh Galvan
Josh Galvan
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