Complete Social Media Integration

Your website should never function as a stand alone system

Connecting your WordPress real estate website with your social media accounts is crucial to your website’s growth. It helps your visitors connect with your content through a variety of outlets while also providing you with a simple way to manage your time in consistently updating all your social networks.

Here is how we integrate social media with your WordPress Website

Automatic Posting

When you post any kind of content on your website it's automatically posted to your social media accounts.

Smart Phone Connection

We connect your smart phone to your website so that you can post quick messages, photos, and video while you're out on the field from your cell phone or tablet.

Share Buttons

Share buttons appear with all of your content on your website so your visitors can conveniently share it.

Social Media Linked Together

Links to your social media profiles are designed into the your website theme so people can connect with you easily from your webpages.

How we guide agents to social media success

As most agents eventually realize, you’ll quickly find out that the hardest part about “managing” your website and social media profiles is in trying to continually keep it updated with fresh content. Here are the best and most strategic areas of your business that you can use as content sources. Remember, posting content can easily be done right on the spot through your cell phone and it will auto-post to all your social networks when we setup your WordPress website.

Simplest tips for updating social media

  • At a broker tour showcasing the homes you have come across
  • At an open house
  • After just listing a home
  • After just getting a home into escrow
  • At the close of an escrow
  • When you hand the keys over to a buyer
  • When you have escrow troubles that have been overcome
  • When your starting to show properties to a buyer
  • When you’re hearing all the comments your buyers are making during your showings. Buyer/seller comments are usually the best topics for videos.
  • After your weekly company meetings
  • Share the stories, observations, comments, and questions other agents have that you engage with.
  • When you’ve answered an important question asked by a lead or client via email/phone or in person.
  • Commenting on recent real estate market headlines in the news

Show your audience you’re an active real estate agent with your eyes and ears on the ground daily. People want to know you’re in the know. This is how to show them!

Remember This

Treat your smart phone like your own reality TV cameraman that is there to monitor your offline real world activity. The key is to just use your offline interactions in all aspects of your real estate day as your source of content no matter what you’re doing. When you understand these principles and have a WordPress website setup connected to your social media accounts then it becomes very easy and practical to keep your content flowing.

Buck The Trend

The most common reason real estate agents fail with their online efforts is due to a lack of consistency in updating their website and social networks with new content. It’s understandable why this is so. Thinking of new content and then manually updating each network is time consuming. Our approach outlined above is the most effective and efficient way to avoid this pitfall.

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