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New System Upgrade For Current Tizish Clients

After what has felt like 10 years to me, we have finished upgrading our entire website system.  Please review this post for details on what our new upgrades feature and see how you can make sure you get this free upgrade asap!

For those that plan on reading this post later, here is a quick overview of what I cover.

  • How To Get Your Free Upgraded Website System
  • Review Of What We Have Updated For You
  • Details On Our New Training Program (and how you get it free for being a loyal client!)
  • An Idea Of What Is To Come For The Summer onward….(exciting times ahead!)

How To Get Your Free Upgraded Website System

For current Tizish clients you are automatically in line to get our new system update. In order for us to process this for you we will need just a couple of quick items from you:

1. Choose one of our new styles for your website system. Choose only one specific theme name.

2. Take a look at the new and improved IDX system we (along with Ihomefinder) are providing you and confirm to us that you want this upgrade – Live Demo Here

3. Fill out our upgrade form with the details noted. Please understand that you have to use our upgrade form in order to get priority in the update.  You may of course call us for questions but to get in line for the update we will refer you to form.

*BONUS – You will also be sent your login information for our Brand New Members Only Training Center once we upgrade your website.  For details on this continue reading below.

Review Of What We Have Updated For You

There are literally more than about 100 items when broken down into points, but for the sake of clarity I will list what are the most important and relevant updates to your website system.

1.  New Website Styles

We have added a branded Homepage, a seller stealth website, and foreclosure stealth website in addition to the buyer stealth website, blog, and IDX you already have.  Details can be found in our real estate websites section.

Also, your ability to customize layouts is more fluid than ever before because we are using the most powerful WordPress Framework on the market… The Thesis Theme.  This WordPress framework is like no other in what you can do with it in simple non-technical ways.

Basically, you don’t have to be an Internet geek to understand how to make very unique and custom changes to your website.  Our entire system is built using the Thesis Framework.

2. Massively Upgraded Search Engine Optimized Code and Programming

Nearly all of your on-site search engine optimization is done for you automatically!  No longer do you have to intentionally focus on distracting search engine optimization when you add new content to your website.

Our custom programming handles the key important SEO factors for you.  This means that all you have to do is focus on simply adding the content.

3. Upgraded IDX System

Ihomefinder’s IDX has always proved to be the most powerful in our testing and marketing efforts, and this was with their previous system.  Now, you get to utilize their latest upgrade which is even more effective at buyer lead capture and appointment conversion than their last. – Live Demo Here

4. Detailed Tutorials On All Aspects Of Your Admin Areas

No aspect of operating our system will be confusing to you!  We provide you with a library of video tutorials that show you step by step instructions on running the basic “How To’s” of your system.

Unlike many website programs that are hard to figure and use, you will no longer get tied up with simple updating and customization for your website.  We have made it the easiest system to use and provide you videos showing you how.

5. Latest Version Of WordPress

WordPress is already the best platform for real estate agents and it only gets better and better with every update.  We make sure you are reaping the benefits of this system by having the latest version.

6. Social Media Integration

Connect your blog with your social networks like Twitter and Facebook with ease.

Details On Our New Training Program (and how you get it free for being a loyal client!)

Beginning Monday, June 22nd, we are officially running our Online Marketing Training Program.  We have selected the 22nd of June as the start day in order to provide us enough time to upgrade all of your website accounts first and foremost.  So be sure to use our upgrade request form asap.

As mentioned above, current Tizish clients will be automatically enrolled in our training program completely for free.  We will create your login information for you in the same time we upgrade your system.

For a breakdown of how we will operate the program and notes on how often, check out our real estate training page.

For a schedule of the specific topics covered take a look at our Training Schedule.

An Idea Of What Is To Come For The Summer and onward….(exciting times ahead!)

Since we started this company the most important element we have always focused on was and still is marketing.  To those of you that have contacted us for personal marketing support, you more than anyone understand this best.

Now with the administrative development of upgrading our systems out of the way, our new company focus is primarily on becoming one of the most effective online training programs in the entire Real Estate Industry….at the most affordable price to you!

That sounds like a mighty large pill to swallow because there are already a great number of fantastic real estate website companies that offer training programs for online marketing.  But given the current state of the typical real estate agents understanding of online marketing and the nature in which the Internet and real estate industry are developing, the terrain is more than wide open.

As you will be learning through our constant updates and training, we are not going to be a typical “run-of-the-mill” training program that teaches you the same recycled marketing tips and strategies that all the magazines and websites are already saying.

Naturally the general points are always going to be touched on in order to provide you with an understanding and framework of a new system, but where other training programs end, we begin.

Have you ever listened in on a webinar or attended a fabulous seminar filled with great content only to come to the end and say to yourself…”That was great information, now how do I begin?”  Like most of us, most likely you have.

Due to this, our intention with every real estate marketing system that we teach is to not only provide you with a mental model and framework of the how’s and why’s, but more importantly we are going to provide you with a roadmap to create an online business model that you can begin implementing with your business immediately!

Our focus is to touch on the most important aspects of your online business ranging from the following:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Lead Conversion
  • Free Online Tools and Programs That Make Your Life Easier

Nearly every subject touched on will be related to one of the areas above.  These are the pillars of your Internet Success.

Make The Internet A Center Stage Of Your Business

We are extremely excited to get this going at long last, so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to our blog feed by email or rss so you don’t miss a beat.

Josh Galvan
Josh Galvan
My focus each and every day is to teach agents and brokers simple and practical strategies that will assist in generating and converting more Internet leads. There is nothing I love more than Internet Marketing, Lead Conversion, and Real Estate. Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ at +Josh Galvan.

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