Coverting Your Lead The Easy Way

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Coverting Your Lead The Easy Way

*picture source: The Accidental Salesman by Richard White

Don’t Think, Let Them Tell You

So you have a lead and think they are really motivated. What should you do? To some of you it may sound counter-intuitive but let the buyer tell you they are ready to buy.

Thinking you have a motivated buyer in your midst is exciting and nerve racking. On one hand you think, “this is mine”, on the other, “Oh, I don’t want to scare them away”. In order to convert that lead to work with you, you will have to learn to hold back and wait for their invitation.

An Invitation

I can hear it now, “but if they signed up they are motivated and they left me there phone number, so obviously they want to work with me.” No they don’t, they just want to see homes. Remember, on the internet the buyer wants to be (or at least feel) in control. Even if they left you their phone number that doesn’t mean that you are allowed to call them. You have to wait for their invitation. If they want you to contact them they will say so.

Indirectly Selling Is Key

This is where you bring the lead in. The indirect approach is the process where over a period of time and through email follow-up, you give them what the homebuyer what they want; homes and answered questions, accompanied by drip emails.

During this time you never, ever, ever, ask them to do business with you directly. Your job is to answer their questions and ask them if they would like anything else. YOU ALWAYS ASK FOR PERMISSION. You have to “kill ’em with kindness” – indirectly building an online relationship and slowly positioning yourself to be their de facto agent.

When the time comes, sometimes a few days to a few months, assuming you have done exactly what you’re supposed to do, they will ask YOU to view a home either by email or if you have a Tizish site, via your IDX appointment feature.

Don’t be “that agent”

Nobody likes a pushy agent, especially an internet homebuyer. No matter how tempting it may be to be aggressive, always opt for the online soft sell.

Have a good one!

*Picture was take from a post by the illustrator simonnelli at

Josh Galvan
Josh Galvan
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