Tizish Is Under New Management! Update On How We Will Be Assisting Our Clients Moving Forward.

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Tizish Is Under New Management! Update On How We Will Be Assisting Our Clients Moving Forward.

This may be a little lengthy but I encourage you to read it completely because it affects your system and how we will work together in a better fashion now.

Take the time to read this so we are all on the same page. Pretend you are reading about your stock portfolio or something that affects your bottom line….because this does when it comes to your online real estate business. 🙂

And before diving into the details of our changes, please understand this message is not intended to be alarming by any means. This is my personal message to you to bring you up to speed with what I have been doing the first quarter of 2010. During this time I was silent on social media and so forth. So this is my message and update on what I have planned for our company and clients alike.

*Current Clients

  • Your Accounts Will Not Be Affected In Any way Except Those Items Noted Below (which are really upgrades to your service).
  • You will still use your blog systems and IDX in the same manner you are used to.
  • This is not a change in your website product. Its a change in our Training Center, Customer Service, and Marketing Support (for the better).

Tizish is under new management now and we are rolling out big changes to our products/services, training, and customer support.The root of these changes are a combination of two primary issues.

First, we previously wrestled with different philosophies on the direction of our products/services. Secondly, we are fully aware of the areas that our clients love and have also had frustration with when dealing with us in terms of customer service and support.

To get all the corporate sounding talk out of the way, here is the simple reason I’ve focused on making these company wide changes:

The long term direction that I see online marketing is going with websites, training, and support for the real estate industry was not in line with the structure and vision I have for keeping all our clients up to speed. As a result, I’m shifting our company focus to address these issues.

Here are the company wide changes we are implementing under our new management. We are beginning these changes in April, but it will be 100% effective May 3rd, 2010. That way you have enough time to adapt to our new changes during this month.

1. The Training Center

How this operated previously:

Our previous training center was not the easiest to navigate. We received a lot of feedback from our clients that addressed the fact that they love the tutorials offered, but they had no idea on the overall direction to take from start to finish for a given topic. So they felt left knowing a lot about a given topic, but lacking on a step by step structure.

How we will operate this now:

We have divided our training center into four distinct sections. The intention of our training center now is to provide you with the step by step processes you should be taking on a given training topic.

Under this new approach you will have an A-Z approach on implementing certain systems, and this will be easier to follow along with on the daily training I will be doing.

Here are the new sections:

  • Section 1: New Client Website Setup
    This is a step by step outline of what you need to do when setting up your website the very first time.*This is only for new clients coming on board as of May 3rd, 2010. Everything in this section has already been done for you as a part of your current system (also this is directly a result of our new product pricing reference below).
  • Section 2: Marketing Business Model Setup
    This is a step by step outline of what you should do when getting ready to market your website online. After going through these items you will have a solid website system foundation that is intentionally built for lead generation and marketing.
  • Section 3: Training Courses
    These will be the step by step outlines of implementing specific marketing campaigns. This section will be divided by topics and will work in conjunction with the daily training I will be doing so that you are always up to date on a specific marketing topic as it naturally evolves online.
  • Section 4: Training Center Archives
    This will contain all of our training content in an archives style manner. This has been cleaned up and made easier to follow and comb through.

View our new training center. This is active now to get our clients familiar with our new process, but it won’t be until May 3rd that it will be 100% ready (that way our clients have enough time in April to get familiar with it).

2. Training/Marketing Updating (webinars, blog posts, etc.)

How this operated previously:

The focus of our training was done through webinars and one on one phone conferences with an agent or their team. This contributed to the problem mentioned above where clients were left without a structure to follow for marketing a specific system.

How we will operate this now:

Our continual training support will be provided through the following:

  • Marketing Tip Monday’s
    These will be quick 5 minute how to’s or marketing tips on whatever topics of marketing are relevant at the moment.
  • Blog Topic Tuesday’s
    These will be blog topic outlines you can take and use for creating content on your blog. The purpose of this is to keep our clients in forward momentum when it comes to updating their website. The topics I provide will always be relevant to what is happening today.
  • Webinar Wednesday’s
    These are the webinars that you have been accustomed to up this point.
  • Q&A Thursday’s
    These will be an open session that I will conduct through our facebook fan page using a live stream. The goal here is to clear up any items you may have heard about with marketing, or with our systems.
  • Phone Conference Friday’s
    These will be group phone conferences where I will share updates on the current state of online marketing, lead generation systems, and anything else that can overall keep you up to date and relevant with what you are currently doing online.

3. Customer Service

How this operated previously:

Clients would call in for support and we would assist you over the phone. Phone support worked well for those that used it but it left us to clogged up to assist everyone in a universal manner.

Over 91% of our customer service inquiries were issues that could have been dealt with by email in a much faster manner for us internally, but most importantly, for you as our client.

How we will operate this now:

We are shifting our customer support to be primarily email based. The purpose of this is so that we build an accountable system in which your inquiry will have a time stamp associated with it. This is the best way to approach servicing all our clients universally.

To work with this shift we have divided our customer support into five sections:

  1. General Questions – for general inquiries
  2. Training Support – for clarification on existing training tutorials.
  3. Technical Support – address your website issues here.
  4. Suggestions For Training Topics – for future training topics.
  5. Feedback – share your experience, thoughts, and/or concerns with us.

View our customer support page.

What We Want You To Get From This Posting

  • Get acquainted with our new training center and daily training/marketing updating process.
  • Get acquainted with our new customer support process so that we can better address your needs as they come up (more timely for you).
  • Our new management, support process, website products-services-pricing, and training/marketing support will become 100% effective as of May 3rd, 2010. We are doing this so that you can have adequate time in April to get acquainted with our system.

As a company we look forward to providing you a highest degree of customer service and support, and as for my personal commitment:

I look forward to making all Tizish clients the group of real estate agents that simply “have it down” when it comes to online marketing and lead generation.

Along with my own research and discovery, I keep up to date with what the top industry experts advice and share about real estate marketing. And while I truly believe they provide great content that is accurate and true, I feel it leaves more agents confused on what to do about what they learned because most of what is preached only touches the surface area of a given subject.

My goal is to make Tizish clients the group that doesn’t get confused by new marketing shifts and systems because you will have not only a broad understanding of a given topic, but more importantly, you will know how to implement it strategically.

If you have any questions, let us know.

Update @ 5:15 P.M. 04-05-10 – Several clients have asked me if I have sold Tizish and the answer is No I have not sold Tizish. What has happened is an internal restructuring of our company to better deal with the vision and direction I believe online marketing is going.

Key questions other clients have asked that you may be wondering:

  • Have I/we sold Tizish?
    No, Tizish has not been sold at all.
  • Will this change our current pricing?
    No, whatever pricing structure you have will remain the same. This update is to let you know about the items above that are being updated.
  • Will you (Josh Galvan) be operating the Training as usual?
    Yes, I will be.
Josh Galvan
Josh Galvan
My focus each and every day is to teach agents and brokers simple and practical strategies that will assist in generating and converting more Internet leads. There is nothing I love more than Internet Marketing, Lead Conversion, and Real Estate. Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ at +Josh Galvan.

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