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Tizish Training – Marketing Step 1 Review – Audio Recording


The training program has been updated. To view the new training program then check out this link found here. Everything you will learn in this section with the old training program is still applicable but it’s best to follow our new format as the online marketing landscape has changed a little.

Below is the audio recording for the Marketing Step 1 Review on ‘Understanding WordPress And All Tizish Built In Features‘. On this call I give you a big picture look at what each section of the marketing step entails and why it matters for you to learn the tutorials in them.

I provide you with a glimpse of how you will be using them for marketing and discuss several key parts of the system such as:

  • Overview of key content creating parts of your system you need to learn
  • Creating Custom Stealth Sites
  • Using images From Flickr.com to make your site content stand out more
  • IDX Systems and why they are important (which I recommend)
  • And various Q&A on topics such as pages, categories & tags, and more
[private_Tizish Training Program]

To listen to the audio click on the mp3 icon. http://www.tizish.com/tutorials/audio/Lesson1Review-2-11-11

[/private_Tizish Training Program]

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