Topic Tuesday – Home Owners Insurance

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Topic Tuesday – Home Owners Insurance

Explain Homeowners Insurance To Buyer

On today’s menu pretend that you are speaking with a first time homebuyer who has never heard of home owners insurance.  Pretty easy, simply describe the what and why. Below is another example outline to get your mind going.

Sample Outline

1.  Introduce Homeowners Insurance.

a.  What it is.

b.  Why it’s beneficial. Does a first time home buyer need insurance? Why?

2.  Types of Homeowners Insurance.

a.  Explain what kind of insurance you could/should purchase. (Basic, broad, or whatever you decide).

b.  You can weigh the pros and cons or suggestions.

c.  Maybe review or suggest a couple of companies that provide insurance.

3.  Summary

a.  Explain again how homeowners insurance can be beneficial. 

Hope that will provide you with some ideas.  Good luck.

Josh Galvan
Josh Galvan
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