Topic Tuesday – Pre Qualifying For A Loan

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Topic Tuesday – Pre Qualifying For A Loan

Today’s Topic – The Benefits Of Pre-Qualifying For A Loan

Time for another dose of Topic Tuesday – *cheers, applause*.  Today you can write about the benefits of having your buyer or a buyer pre-qualify for a loan.

First begin by with the basics.  Explain what a pre-qualification is, the benefits of getting pre-qualified.  What are some things that a buyer should know when getting one?  Answer the question, when should I get pre-qualified for a loan?  Is there an expiration on them?  How long do they take to process? Who do I need to contact?  What information will I have to provide and why?  Should I look at properties and then see what I qualify for?

An Example Outline

1.  Intro to a pre-qualification loan

  • a.  What is it?
  • b.  Why should I care about it? How does it benefit me?
  • c.   When should I look into getting a pre-qual?

2.  Tips A Buyer Should Know

  • a.  What information will I need to provide? Why?
  • b.   How long will my pre-qualification take?
  • c.   Who do I contact?

3.  Wrap it up

  • a.  Summarize what the benefits are of a pre-qual and how it can help in this market.

This example guideline should get your thoughts flaring.  The main thing to remember is to write or record your answer as if you were speaking with a person face to face.

Now get on with your blogging.

Josh Galvan
Josh Galvan
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