Topic Tuesday – Spotting An Overpriced Home

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Topic Tuesday – Spotting An Overpriced Home

…And That My Friends Is An Overpriced Home

Many home owners do not know if or when their home (or neighbors home) is overpriced.  Write a blog post educating homeowners on how to spot an overpriced home.

Start off explaining the consequences of overpricing a home.  Mention what “chasing the market” means and how properly pricing will net them more than if they overprice, etc.  Below is an example outline for you to follow and to get your brain going.

Sample Outline

1.  Intro To Overpricing A Listing

a.  Explain what overpricing is (a no-brainer, I know).

b.  Explain the concept of “Chasing the market” and how it’s negative consequences.

2. Negative Affects Of Overpriced Homes

a.  Agents/Buyers will ingore them (it may out of the price range they are searching in).

b.  Overprice home will make other, properly priced, homes look like a deal.

3.  Tips On Spotting An Overpriced Listing

a.  How do I know If my home is overpriced?  Provide them with tips on what they can do (e.g. comps/recent solds/number of homes on the market) to analyze whether their home is listed too high.

b.  Where can they obtain information about other comparable properties. Real estate agent? Any websites provide accurate information?

4.  Conclusion

a.  Summarize the importance of properly pricing a home.  The benefits and advantages.

Well that’s all for now.  I’m sure you can think of tons more to write about.  Maybe share a personal experience you had and how it panned out.  Either way, good luck.

Josh Galvan
Josh Galvan
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