Want to know what a young French girl can teach you about your online real estate marketing?

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Want to know what a young French girl can teach you about your online real estate marketing?

A couple of nights ago I watched the movie Amelie. I don’t want to go into the whole plot of the movie, other than the fact that I recommend all of you to watch it!

To get what I mean on this posting you must first watch this entire 1 minute clip from the movie. When you watch this scene put yourself in the position of the blind man. Really imagine what it is like to be blind and feel his experience. This will allow you to get present to the points I address below.

Watch it!

What Did You See?

Here is what I saw on this scene:

  • She went far beyond the level of helping the blind man than most people are willing to go.
  • She did something that will no doubt have an impact on the blind man for the rest of his life.
  • She took joy in helping and making an impact.
  • She gave without any concern for getting something in return.
  • The blind man felt alive and inspired.
  • The blind man was given an experience that struck to the very core of what makes him who he is at the moment.

What Can You Take From This And Apply To Your Real Estate Marketing?

Before really internalizing the lessons that can be learned from this short clip, you must first understand the biggest mistakes real estate agents make with online marketing:

  • They don’t freely give enough before expecting an action from their visitors in return. Basically they act more like the Wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood kids story than Amelie in the clip above.
  • They don’t focus on providing service/content that goes beyond the typical level of service/content all other websites/companies provide. If what you’re offering is being offering by everyone else, then what makes you special? (hint: nothing.)
  • They don’t focus enough on one prospect. So they are over-extending their message to everyone…this dilutes the impact it has.
  • They don’t truly understand their visitors motivation, needs, doubts, concerns, etc. So their message can never truly pierce their visitor’s mind and draw them to engage.

So with that being said, here is what you can take from this clip. And you may have to watch it one more time before reading through this so that you can fully get in tune with these thoughts.

Don’t be focused more on yourself than your visitors.

I know…I know…it’s really hard. Yes I completely understand, and I am not saying this to be sarcastic…it really is tough to do this. Think about it, you can spend up to 2-3 months creating free information for people visiting your brand/website in hopes of getting them to engage with you and eventually lead to a business transaction. That’s a tough sale on yourself to commit too.

But you must understand, it’s the only way! The only way you will make an impact on your online prospects is by giving before expecting anything else in return, and doing it often. This is the core criteria for building an online brand and trying to grow your community. Plus, it’s your only option.

Think about the clip above. Amelie felt compelled to give the blind man an experience he has never had, and as viewers, we can say with certainty that her actions made a real impact on his life. Do you think that is the type of experience the blind man will share with others?

Wouldn’t you want the same impact with your prospects and your brand?

Take pleasure in doing what you do…or why even do it?

One of the hardest things to do when first building your brand is take pleasure in doing what you’re doing…whether its creating videos, articles, etc. The reason this is the case is because in the beginning you start off extremely slow with little to no interaction, and this is unmotivating.

But you must learn to get past that and learn to take pleasure out of completely helping strangers without expecting anything in return. I use the word strangers because in reality that’s what your website visitors are before they decide to engage with you.

If you can’t be like Amelie at the end of the clip where she just leaves the man and runs off smiling, then why would you even bother to step into the world of online marketing/branding where you must have the same attitude she had? So really evaluate your mindset and get it inline with what you know it needs to be in order to have an impact on your visitors.

Learn to step out of your shoes and get completely immersed in those of your prospects!

The only way you will ever be able to have a real impact on your visitors is by first fully understanding them. While this is an obvious statement to read, and to even tell others, it’s proven not so easy to do in practice. Look at all the different marketing pieces real estate agents put online targeted towards buyers, sellers, investors, distressed sellers, etc.

What do you notice? How many of them go beyond the typical level of building rapport?

Look at most real estate agent websites that market to sellers in foreclosure. Really, take a moment to go look at some (or look at your own) and as you read them put yourself in the shoes of the seller. Does the content really match up with what a seller in a foreclosure situation is feeling and experiencing?

What are the kind of emotions we know a seller in foreclosure may experience:

  • Massive Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Regret
  • Uncertainty
  • Confusion
  • etc.

And what are the areas most real estate agents focus on when marketing and trying to engage a seller in foreclosure. Primarily its only the uncertainty and confusion they feel about “what to do to” and “how to avoid making their situation worse.”

Now these are obviously important to a seller in foreclosure and they are for sure necessary, but one thing is missing. They don’t make a real impact with the seller because it doesn’t strike to the core of their psyche at the present moment. Also, how can you make a real impact with them if all the other agents are saying the same thing?

For example, which message below do you feel would have a real impact on a seller in foreclosure? And which one do you feel would cause the seller to want to follow your brand and engage with you?

  • Learn the 7 steps to avoiding foreclosure today!
  • See how other sellers in foreclosure have dealt with telling their children that their family is unexpectedly moving.

I think the answer is obvious.

Getting to this level of connecting with your prospects and building a brand that has an impact is only possible by first stepping out of your mindset and getting fully into the mindset of your prospect on a deep and personal level.

Think of Amelie glaring at the blind man before deciding to take action. Get in that zone!

Go far beyond the normal ‘expected’ level of service, attention, and care.

Think about the video clip above. If Amelie only helped the blind man cross the street then it would have had no real impact because many people have probably helped him with small situations like that. So it wouldn’t have been anything necessarily special because he has experienced that basic level of help previously. Only by going far beyond what the blind man could have expected did it have an impact.

So what areas of your marketing are you appealing to the ‘expected’ level of service? Think about how to take your marketing and go one or two steps further.

What are your thoughts?

Do you find yourself marketing more like Amelie in the clip above or the Wolf in The Little Red Riding Hood? Tell me and lets chat up a storm below in the comments or on our Facebook Fan Page.

Josh Galvan
Josh Galvan
My focus each and every day is to teach agents and brokers simple and practical strategies that will assist in generating and converting more Internet leads. There is nothing I love more than Internet Marketing, Lead Conversion, and Real Estate. Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ at +Josh Galvan.
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  • Josh Galvan

    Thanks Thach! Good thing The Gift exists….I feel when people become aware of the benefits of giving then they won't be able to see the world any other way.

  • Thach Nguyen

    I really like this posting it speaks contribution that most people are not present to.

  • Josh Galvan

    Exactly! She focuses more on the outside person rather than what is in her head at the present moment (escapes the shell of her thoughts to get fully into another)

  • Kanotz RSN

    Also, she rarely shared her OPINION, and focused mostly on the simple observable facts in front of her at that moment.

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