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How To Get More People To Read Your Blog Articles!

This is an older tutorial I have done but the content is the exact same content I would say if I recorded this today. So treat this information as 100% relevant to today still.

This is a long webinar recording focused more on marketing principles. So make time to watch it all. It will pay off greatly for your future blogging.

Most agents blogging right now are committing huge mistakes when it comes to the content they put out. And I don’t mean mistakes in the actual content itself. I mean in the way it is presented online.

This webinar covers those mistakes and then provides you with the solutions to make your blog articles read more. The basis behind what I cover is rooted in online user behavior. What I mean by online behavior is not related to your website design. I’m specifically referring to how an online user approaches your articles when its presented to them (how do they read it?). The two main areas are on how your blog is formatted and then how to make a great headline.

The blog formatting answers the following:

  • How to best use images
  • How to make your posts easy to scan and how to hook your readers interest (even for long blog posts!)
  • How to best use links
  • How to use Blockquotes, Alert Boxes, Bullet Points, and Lists to highlight content and make it easier for readers to digest (makes your articles more readable)

Then for the headlines I show you step by step how to develop a good headline and the principles behind them. Its a cool session! After this I touch on several points about how to have more credibility and authority with your blog posts to your readers.

On the webinar I mentioned I will provide the following along with this recording:

  • The link to the demo page used during the webinar.

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Josh Galvan
Josh Galvan
My focus each and every day is to teach agents and brokers simple and practical strategies that will assist in generating and converting more Internet leads. There is nothing I love more than Internet Marketing, Lead Conversion, and Real Estate. Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ at +Josh Galvan.

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