Give buyers and sellers a way to view MLS listings on your website

IDX is the tool that connects your WordPress website with the listings on your MLS so that buyers can search through them on your website itself. This feature is arguably the most important function of your website because you are in the business of selling real estate and so it follows that listings are the most important bit of information visitors to your website are looking to find.

An IDX gives your website the ability to display not only your listings but all listings from all agents/brokers in your MLS on your website (some agents opt their listings out of the IDX but this is very rare).

WordPress IDX Features

WordPress IDX Features Most Popular With Agents

While there are dozens of reasons that make a specific WordPress IDX great (each IDX company breaks them down in full detail so be sure to check out their websites), the most immediate features you will find useful are as follows:

  • Basic home search form widgets to place throughout your site.
  • Connection to your MLS listings. When you enter a new listing in the MLS then your website page displaying your listings will automatically update as well (this functionality actually applies to your listings, your office listings, or any other listing pages you create on your website matching any criteria you prefer).
  • The ability to create custom IDX pages that populate with listings based on a neighborhood, city, zip code, school district, mapped based region from a custom drawn zone, a specific property appearance or price criteria.
  • The ability to add listings into blog posts with just a few clicks.
  • Map based search forms.
  • Indexable Search Engine Optimized Listing Pages (this means that each listing that appears on your website is viewed as real living content that Google considers a part of your website). This helps your website get more traffic from the search engines.
  • Lead capture options that let buyers create accounts where they can save searches/listings for later viewing and sign up for new listing email updates of new listings.
  • Mobile IDX tool that makes your website operate like an mobile app when people visit it from a smart phone or tablet.
IDX Pricing


WordPress IDXYou should expect to pay about $30-$100 a month for a great IDX system. The pricing depends mainly on upgrading items such as map searches, mobile IDX features, SEO features, or lead capture options.

Here is a quick list of the most popular IDX companies around. All of the IDX systems below provide the features mentioned on this page and much more. Check them out individually.

Need Advice?


If you are unsure which WordPress IDX is the best and/or you don’t have the time or energy to figure out which you prefer, just let us know and we will give you our opinion.

Our opinion is based on your budget, website goals, and how much you plan on being involved with your website activities (such as blogging).

You can contact us here or simply click the email icon floating at the bottom right of your screen.

What's Included With Our WordPress IDX Setup?

Our WordPress IDX setup includes the creation and configuration of all the features (described in the feature list) throughout your website along with a fully complete SEO setup. This helps you benefit from people searching listings in Google. The target areas of focus with the IDX itself are specific to your market that you let us know you prefer (cities, zip codes, neighborhoods, etc.)

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