Wordpress Plugins Set and Configured

We have found the best WordPress tools around and build them into your website

WordPress is the best website platform for you because of the ability to instantly add features and tools to your website through a free or premium (pay for) plugin. There are thousands of different plugins that add a wide variety of features to your website. However, this may be a problem for you in trying to sort and figure out what plugins are good or bad.

To prevent your paralysis in feature land, we have already found the most important WordPress plugins your real estate website needs and set them up with your website right from the start.

Here are the plugins & tools we integrate with your WordPress Website

  • Contact forms (create an unlimited number of lead capture forms)
  • Upgraded site speed programming to include a Cache System (browser cache included), Minify and Gzip of HTML/CSS/Javascript, and combining of CSS and Javascript files
  • Upgraded site speed by loading all image files from WordPress CDN network
  • Hacking and malware protection setup
  • Automatic website backups and database optimization
  • Market data tools to embed Altos Research and Trulia market data graphs on various topics
  • Google maps, Yelp local business data, and Local school data
  • Mortgage calculators
  • Analytics integration to monitor all traffic to your website
  • Search engine optimization plugins from the popular Yoast ‘WordPress SEO’ and much more (view the SEO details page for more)
  • Social media configuration (view the social media integration page for more)
  • IDX home search integration (view the IDX integration page for more)
  • Flickr photo finder to quickly find free photos you can use with your blogging content
  • Spelling and grammar checking
  • Blogging tools to find and insert related content links for better visitor engagement and SEO
  • Ability for visitors to sign up for email updates to website updates
  • Connection to WordPress.com’s fire hose content distribution network
  • Live chat tool to allow visitors to instantly communicate with you

We also integrate paid 3rd party real estate tools like Altos Research, Market Snapshot from Top Producer, and any others that you may have a subscription with.

But this is just the beginning!

When we setup your website with any plugin, we make sure that it’s not only installed and activated, but most importantly, we ensure that it is fully configured to work correctly. This is in stark contrast to so many other WordPress based website companies that “setup” your website with plugins where their definition of setup begins and ends with a simple installation and activation of a plugin (activating a plugin is merely step one in a longer set of configuration steps).

Why Do Some Agents Fail With WordPress?

Isn’t WordPress supposed to be the best for SEO, Blogging, Social Media, and more? The reason is because many agents just get a basic WordPress install with all the right tools and plugins, but they are never configured correctly to work as intended for their website. Think of it like a car engine. You can’t just put any car part into any engine and expect it to magically make the car run better. They have to be a right fit and then installed correctly. WordPress tools and plugins are the same way. They need a proper configuration. Our WordPress setups configure all plugins and tools completely!

Want a Specific Tool or Feature?

Have you seen a specific tool, feature, or functionality on another real estate agent’s website that you like and want to make sure you have with your website? Let us know and we’ll find the plugin for you. Or you can also search here through these sites below to try to find it yourself:

It’s highly likely we already have a tool or feature you need, so ask us first before you buy one anywhere.

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