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Every Detail Of Effective WordPress SEO Is Covered With Our Setup

The foundation of our WordPress real estate websites is a finely tuned and search engine optimized system. There’s so much that goes into a WordPress Website when it comes to proper SEO. This isn’t just about installing a few tools on your website and letting it run. The key is in the correct configuration of all SEO aspects together.

Our WordPress SEO setup includes the following

  • Targeted keyword integration
  • Proper Permalink structure
  • www vs. non-www redirect
  • Stop word removal from URL’s
  • SSL hosting setup
  • Title tag optimization
  • Meta-description optimization
  • Proper 404 error page handling
  • Automatic image alt tag keyword optimization
  • XML sitemap
  • XML image sitemap
  • XML video sitemap
  • HTML sitemap
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Proper Semantic HTML markup
  • Caching system for increase in site speed
  • Duplicate content prevention by noindexing of specific categories, tags, archives, and data based taxonomies
  • Pagination for blog posts and categories
  • Duplicate content prevention with Canonical url’s
  • Inner linking of related blog posts for better indexing
  • Robots.txt configuration
  • Manual ability to control title tags, meta-descriptions, for all individual pages on your website
  • Notifying (pinging) the major search engines the instant new content is posted on your website

Put simply, there’s No More WordPress SEO setup needed for your website with all this above

Did You Know This About WordPress Website Companies?

The term “SEO” is used very loosely with a lot of WordPress real estate companies. They say they search engine optimize your real estate website but it’s a bit of a stretch when it can’t be shown that their WordPress SEO is done right and done completely. Yes, they do properly equip their websites with the needed WordPress plugins that can make a website optimized. But getting from A-Z in terms of optimization isn’t just about installing the right plugins on your website. Effective configuration of your SEO tools is the key and there are dozens upon dozens of ways to configure your search engine optimization (ranging from keywords, duplicate content prevention, cache and site speed, and so much more). We know this and ensure our WordPress SEO setup is 100% complete from top to bottom.

Our WordPress SEO promise to you

When your website is handed off to you, all aspects of your website’s SEO are handled correctly so that you won’t dive into technical details and need to configure it. It will all be set and done with all the features listed above. This means you can simply focus on marketing your website to generate leads.

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Super Charge Your WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO Rocket Starter Program

This service will supercharge your WordPress SEO infrastructure to help you move up the search engine results. The process of gaining a top ranking in Google involves a wide variety of factors ranging from your on-site SEO infrastructure to your off-site SEO.

On-site SEO are the items that exist specifically on your website alone. Off-site SEO are those aspects of search engine optimization that have to do with matters outside of your website such as connecting with specific services and getting links pointed to your website from other websites.

When we build your website, all of your on-site SEO areas are covered. This service focuses on the off-site SEO aspects of your website.

These steps aren’t a “trade secret” by any means. We have step by step video tutorials showing you how to do every single one of them. This service is for those of you that don’t want to spend the time, energy, and effort in learning and implementing these SEO steps yourself.

Services included with this program:

  • Link building campaign (this directly increases your position in the search engine results for your target keywords)
  • Google analytics setup and integration with your website
  • Google webmaster account setup and integration with your website
  • Google webmaster and analytics syncing
  • Bing webmaster account setup and integration with your website
  • Sitemap submission to Google and Bing
  • Video SEO xml sitemap setup and submission to Google and Bing
  • Complete local SEO setup through a Google+ Local Map Listing
  • Yelp Business Listing setup

$499-$1699 One Time Fee. Have an existing website? We can still help.

The fee you will fall under depends ultimately upon the extent of the link building campaign you prefer.

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